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En Lacunza también nos examinamos

En Lacunza también nos examinamos y durante el final de 2019 fuimos evaluados por Eaquals (Asociación Europea de Servicios Lingüísticos ...

En Lacunza también nos examinamos y durante el final de 2019 fuimos evaluados por Eaquals (Asociación Europea de Servicios Lingüísticos de Calidad) obteniendo su acreditación por cumplir con creces en todos sus estándares de calidad.

Entre ellos destacan la enseñanza, la organización de los cursos, los recursos académicos, el testing, la evaluación o el buen trato que tenemos tanto con clientes como con los miembros del equipo Lacunza ih.

Los inspectores encargados de la evaluación destacaron las siguientes categorías.


Administración y gestión

“Management and Administration is an area of excellence because the overall strategic approach to management has been exemplary over a period of years in the context of difficult economic and market circumstances. In response to these challenges, the institution has innovated, adapted and progressed purposefully and professionally whilst maintaining a high standard of service to its clients and internal support to its employees. Administratively, the institution is excellent in its attention to detail regarding learner records and enrolment procedures. Customer service staff are always available, always polite and always willing to provide information and support to learners and parents”.


Diseño de los cursos y apoyo a los profesores

“Course Design and Supporting Systems is an area of excellence as the language teaching philosophy is outlined clearly and in detail in relevant documentation and course learning programmes are professionally updated . The new learning programme guarantees continuity between the syllabuses for different ages and course types. A high level of academic support is provided to both new and experienced teachers”.


Recursos académicos

“Academic Resources are excellent because there is an outstandingly good range of very well-maintained and modern resources for teachers of English and equipment, including large interactive whiteboards, laptops etc. There is a comprehensive system for monitoring and maintaining well organised learning materials which are produced in-house on a branded template. There are subscriptions to professional journals and magazines for teachers of English, and encouragement for staff to read them”.


Atención al publico

«Client Services are excellent because the range and quality of advice and information available to students and parents of young learners, i.e. documentation, the interactive extranet and direct communication, is exceptional. Students are offered many opportunities to practise the language outside the classroom in free social and cultural activities. Exceptional attention is paid to learners’ safety and welfare to ensure they are safeguarded at all times».


Personal y desarrollo interno

Staff Profile and Development is an area of excellence because professional performance and development procedures are exceptionally thorough, systematic and supportive of professional and career development. There is a rich programme of in-house training with input from outside trainers and involvement of the institution’s own staff. Creativity and initiative on the part of staff are encouraged. There are opportunities to take part in training courses and conferences outside the institution and it is supportive towards staff undertaking additional training and professional development”.


Condiciones laborales

“Staff Employment Terms are excellent because the institutions offers an excellent package of terms and conditions. There are opportunities for a permanent or continuous employment for a significant proportion of staff as well as opportunities within the institution for promotion and career progression”.


Comunicacion interna

“Internal Communication systems are very effective and there is a whole range of communication channels, both formal and informal, including regular meetings and efficient online communication. There are regular opportunities and mechanisms for all staff to contribute their ideas, and there is clear evidence that staff members, both teachers and administrative staff, are highly valued and that their achievements are recognised and celebrated”.


Comunicación Externa

“External Communication is an area of excellence because he Extranet is an outstandingly useful tool for two way communication between clients and the institution. The website is extremely accessible and user-friendly and allows potential and actual learners to get information in an interactive way. There is creative use of digital media and this leads to reaching target markets and increased numbers of students”.

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