Cooking in english Junior Chef Camp

Junior Chef Camp

The perfect camp to enjoy and learn languages ​​this summer.


Learning, having  fun and living together in an international atmosphere!

Lacunza Summer Camp is the best experience to improve both personally and academically in an active and playful way. It is an idiomatic international bilingual camp for kids between 6 and 17 years old. Located in San Sebastian, surrounded by sea, nature and plans for all ages and tastes.

You can choose one option or mix and match: Spanish, Surf, Cooking or Football.

Timetabling options for the Junior Chef Camp:

MORNING (9h30-13h30)

In collaboration with Mimo, they come  in the mornings, and after lessons and a snack they snack one hour and a half cooking in the language of your choice.

DAY CAMP (9h30-19h00)

Afternoons are great fun: arts and crafts, treasure hunts, games and beach time! You can also add three Premium activities: surfing, football training or cooking.


Full linguistic immersion, from Saturday to Saturday, full board with different accommodation options. They will enjoy morning lessons, afternoon activities, and also full day weekend excursions to get to know the Basque Country and exercise! 



  Start End
WEEK 1 June 21st  June 27th
WEEK 2 June 27th July 4th
WEEK 3 July 4th July 11th
WEEK 4 July 11th July 18th
WEEK 5 July 18th July 25th
Junior Chef Camp1 week 2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks5 weeks
Day Camp (Morning prices+Day Camp)+€130+€298+€434+€565+€705
Residential (You have to add the accommodation prices to the Morning and Day Camp)

Accommodation in La Salle San Sebastián
Lacunza Summer Camp offers the best options for the residential camp, with different room types depending on the needs.

1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks5 weeks
Bunk beds with shared bathroom+€350+€550+€785+€980+€1190
Individual room with shared bathroom+€375+€575+€810+€1005+€1215
Double room with private bathroom+€380+€580+€815+€1010+€1220
Individual room with private bathroom+€388+€588+€823+€1018+€1228

For campers attending Morning Camp or Day Camp we have a shuttle service, in a private bus, where kids are supervised by one of our crew members. With this service kids can easily reach camp from different neighbourhoods and even towns outside San Sebastian. There are 6 stops to choose from:

Andoain > Urnieta > Hernani > Antiguo > Amara > Plaza Gipuzkoa > Camp

We provide transfer services to and from all three closest airports, also with unaccompanied minor service. This way we can connect our camp to the world.


AirportSan SebastiánBiarritzBilbao
Unaccompanied minor service ArrivalDeparture
Daily round trip service1 week2 weeks3 weeks

Personalize your afternoons!

We have Premium activities in the afternoon so that your kid can keep on learning while having fun.


ActivitiesSurf 4h30/week, 3 daysFootball Training 6h/week, 3 daysCooking 5h/week, 2 days
+€125 week+€150 week+€190 week
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